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Maryland Teen Campers Grow Urban Farm

Many teens will tell you that hands-on assignments can be the best way to learn about a topic. So it’s no wonder a six-week camp that teaches teens about sustainability and healthy eating — through growing food on a farm and then cooking it at a kitchen on-site — is getting stellar reviews from campers. A dozen teens from the

Middlebury College FoodWorks Interns Dig Louisville

Vermont college students are interning this summer in all sorts of food-related programs — in Kentucky. About a dozen students and graduates, members of Middlebury College’s FoodWorks program, are scattered around Louisville doing everything from growing to picking to distributing food …

July 15, 2018

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Scientists Explore Math Review with Tasty Results

Tired of working on your math packet this summer? Maybe what you need are some hands-on projects to help illuminate the lessons. For example, the folks at Evil Mad Scientist have cooked up a great way to illustrate conic sections. You know, from algebra, when a plane slices through a cone, and all those curves result, be they an ellipse, a circle, a hyperbola or a parabola. You can try to imagine what they look like, or you can bake some scones, cut them up, smear them with jam or Nutella or peanut butter, and examine the results for yourself.

“It’s just a nice way to augment traditional learning — just as a way to enjoy the math at another level. We see math in everything we do. We’re the kind of people who play board games at the dinner table,” scientist (and baker) Lenore Edman told National Public Radio.

Sconic sections from Evil Mad Scientist demonstrate the resulting shapes created when sectioning a cone. (Photo by LENORE M. EDMAN, Evil Mad Scientist)

Sconic sections from Evil Mad Scientist demonstrate, through baking, the shapes created when sectioning a cone. (Photo by LENORE M. EDMAN, Evil Mad Scientist)

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Kale Chips Recipe

In the mood for something salty and crunchy that’s fresh and crispy too? How about kale chips … that you make at home.

We hear you laughing from here. Kale? As a chip? Yes, ye of little faith. Turns out that if you prep it right, the curly green collection of cruciferousness crisps up after barely 10 minutes in the oven. And if you season it right, well, let’s just say that…

Ohio Teens Learn Aquaponics in School Greenhouse

Teens and school officials in Ohio have turned an empty greenhouse at Choffin Career and Technical Center into an aquaponics center, where vegetables suspended in water are thriving. Officials believe the facility, in Youngstown, Ohio, is the first aqua…